Sep' 28. 2008

Evil Encounters


My mother, myself, my sister, and my Autistic brother, had just moved into a house in Hazel Park, Michigan. The house seemed okay at first, but there were times where I heard weird noises. I wasn't the only one; the rest of my family had mentioned they heard things as well.

Our house had an attic, it creeped me out really bad, and I never went in it. It had one of those pull down ladders. Well one night my brother, and sister was sleeping, and my mother and I were sitting on the couch talking.

All of a sudden I heard what sounded like someone wearing boots walking down the hall towards us. Our house had wooden floors, and they made noises, but this was a distinguishable noise.

I tilted my head to look toward the hall as our couch was at an angle where you could see down the hall way. I didn't see anything. I asked my mom if she heard it and she said she did. It stopped and we continued to converse.

About 5 minutes later, the same noise started again, and this time it sounded like it was getting closer and closer. I freaked out, and told my mom to get my sister, and brother, that we were getting the heck out of there.

We woke everyone up, and told them come on, my sister was asking what the heck was going on, and I told her to just get in the car that we'd explain once we were outa there. We told her what happened, and she believed us a little bit. We drove around for about 2 hours, before deciding to go back.

We honestly thought that a "real" person like someone homeless was living in our Attic. I finally agreed to go back, and when we pulled in the driveway, a sense of fear was overcoming me again.

My mom went in the house first, looked around, and came back out. She said she didn't hear or see anything. We would have called the cops in case it was a real person, but we didn't see anyone, only heard the sounds, and other frightening paranormal things happened before.

So, I got the courage to go back inside, and the minute I put my foot into the house, a loud BANG sounded over my head in the Attic, at that second, I screamed, ran out of the house, jumped in the car, and locked the doors.

My mom told me to unlock the car door, and when she opened it to see why I screamed, she noticed how scared I was. I was shaking extremely bad, and I went into a panic attack. She decided it was best that we stayed somewhere else that night, and we ended up sleeping at my Grandmas house.

I probably wouldn't have been so scared but so many other things have happened in that house. As I said in my profile, I have experienced paranormal things all my life, but nothing like that time.

To me that house was evil, there was a day when I was in a bedroom with a friend, and suddenly I felt strangled, I was choking and when my friend screamed for my mom, my mom rushed in the room. Obviously no one had really choked me, but I did have a hand print on my throat.

There is many times where I feel a "presence" but I usually just ignore it, and don't think anything of it. However there are times like the one's mentioned above where I have a bad feeling, I'm very afraid, and the prescience feels evil.

That's one of my real experiences. I will share more in the future.

 Sep 06, 2008

Like many ghost tales many people think they are unreal. Well this true life account I am about to tell you really happened.

Even when I was younger I was fascinated by the world of the dead and the horrible things that went along with it. When I was 15 years old my best friend and I where into dark things. She ended up killing herself. That’s when I got deeper and deeper into the world of witchcraft. My mother was very concerned and she sent me to see a psychiatrist.

Then on the anniversary of the day that my friend killed herself I bought all the ingredients that I found in a book to bring her back. I preformed the ritual. At first I thought that it hadn’t worked. But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Later that night I heard a noise outside my window. I really thought that it was my brother playing a trick on me so I opened the curtains. And to this day the image that was there still haunts me in my dreams. There was a man there with a pasty white face and blood dripping from his neck. He made an eerie groan. Then he was gone.

My mother came rushing in because I had been screaming. I told her what I had seen. She didn’t believe me. Then for about a month after that I had the horrible night mares of the man getting killed and my friend standing over me with the knife and that low groan that he made. I would wake up in a sweat.

I have never been a very religious person. But the night that I woke and I was so cold I prayed that the lord would take all this away. I haven’t had a night mare since but I know not to mess with the dark forces of evil ever ever again

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